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New Profiles Added

William Keiper is the Chief Operations Officer of Project Veritas. His stepson, Austin Wright, is a fundraiser for Veritas and a friend of James O'Keefe. Both Keiper and Wright are employees of First Global Partners, a consultancy Keiper founded in New York City.

O'Keefe and Wright, pictured below, attended Donald Trump's Election Night victory party in Manhattan. Having launched a major sting against Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and coordinated organizations that fall, O'Keefe remarked in the post that "Veritas [had] made its mark. #election2016"

The Donald J. Trump Foundation made two donations to Project Veritas in 2015. 

You can read more about Keiper and Wright here:

If you have any information on Will Keiper or Austin Wright, especially as regards to their other clients for fundraising services, please reach out to us at

Instagram, James O'Keefe.



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