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NC Sting of Voter Reg Groups Tied to Former Trump Lawyer

Last week, the News & Observer reported that a man going by the alias "James Fortune" approached several voter registration groups in North Carolina with donations and suggestions to engage in voter fraud involving undocumented people. The checks came from a company called Blue Sky Med Labs, which was set up by Georgia Ethics Board Commissioner Rick Thompson with a registered agent named Jason Boles, a Republican operative with ties to QAnon candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene. Thompson and Boles are partners in the political consulting firm RTA Strategy whose mantra is “You don’t know what you can get away with until you try.”

Today, FoxNews5 Atlanta is reporting that former Trump lawyer Stefan Passantino is the attorney for Blue Sky Med Labs:

At this time in 2016, Project Veritas was busy producing the 'Rigging the Election' video series, which Donald Trump used to falsely assert the existence of widespread voter fraud. Fast forward to 2020, and Trump is using the same rhetoric to undermine the integrity of the election, and Veritas is once again parroting those talking points.

While this sting operation fits the Project Veritas MO, it remains to be seen whether the political rat-fucking group is to blame. However, its ringleader James O'Keefe yesterday teased that a "blockbuster" story will be released next week.

Pictured below: "James Fortune"


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