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NEW PROFILE: Murray Mile

Long-time Project Veritas undercover operative Christian Hartsock, going by the alias "Kurt Insley." and an unidentified operative going by "Brendan Holt" have been targeting voter registration organizations in Wisconsin. Advocates within those organizations matched Hartsock to Insley using Project Veritas Exposed.

Part of the cover story for Insley was a fake LinkedIn profile that featured video examples of his work, under the 'Projects' heading (see graphic below). Each of the three commercials listed there linked to videos hosted on the website for Los Angeles-based video producer Murray Mile, who is friends with Hartsock. It turns out that Mile worked with Project Veritas as early as 2013, when he was a producer for a video targeting the Texas affiliate of Enroll America, an organization dedicated to enrolling people in Obamacare. While we cannot confirm that Mile is an undercover operative for Project Veritas, he has definitely worked for the spy outfit, and may be working with it currently.

If you have any information on Murray Mile or Project Veritas, 

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