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Spanberger Campaign Targeted

Early this afternoon, the Abigail Spanberger campaign for Congress discovered that a Project Veritas operative was in their midst, after finding a picture of the woman on Project Veritas Exposed. Going by the alias "Monica Nelson" and now a blonde as pictured above, Marisa Jorge walked in the door to volunteer about a month ago. Staffers grew suspicious over time after she repeatedly peppered them with questions about immigration, abortion, impeachment, and whether Spanberger would vote for Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House should Democrats win the midterms. 

Campaign Manager Dana Bye confronted Jorge; escorted her from the premises; filmed the entire encounter; and provided the footage to the Washington Post.

Jorge infiltrated the Austin chapter of Democratic Socialists of America in September, and the Michigan affiliate of American Federation of Teachers last fall. In the 2016 cycle, she embedded within the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Deborah Ross, and Roy Cooper.

According to reporting by The Intercept, in late September PV chief political hitman James O'Keefe promised a rightwing donor conference stings from the Arizona, Missouri, and Florida Senate races and from "a lot of the swing states." Veritas has already released videos on the Democratic candidates in the Oregon gubernatorial race (Brown) and the U.S. Senate campaigns in Tennessee (Bredesen), Missouri (McCaskill), North Dakota (Heitkamp), and Arizona (Sinema). We expect Veritas to drop stings in the Florida gubernatorial (Gillum) and U.S. Senate (Nelson) campaigns in the coming days, as we reported earlier this week that they had been infiltrated by operative Jaime Tennille Phillips in Broward County. 

If you have any information on Marisa Jorge, or any of Veritas' political hit jobs from this cycle, 

please reach out to us at


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