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Senate Campaign Alert - UPDATE Missouri

In our last post, we erroneously identified Kate Brown as the governor of Ohio. She is the governor of Oregon.

Regarding the McCaskill infiltration, we have new information from the Kansas City Star. The Project Veritas operative posed as "Adam Thomson" to gain an internship, which lasted from May through July. During this period, he had access to the voter information database for 20 hours. It is not known whether he shared this voter data with other Republican operatives or the campaign of McCaskill's opponent, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley. Thomson resigned the internship in July, but continued to volunteer afterwards.

Attorney General Hawley promoted the Veritas sting, issuing a press statement following the video's release. Given Hawley's conflict of interest, McCaskill filed a complaint yesterday with the AG's office, demanding that he appoint a special prosecutor to investigate fraud perpetrated against her campaign by Project Veritas. 

In 2017, Veritas operative Marisa Jorge did the same as Adam Thomson in a sting against the Michigan affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers union: she interned, and asked to continue volunteering afterwards, raising suspicion amongst employees.


If you have any information on the true identity of "Adam Thomson," or any other tips,

please reach out to us at


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