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New Operative in Indiana Race

The man pictured above, going by the name "Jack McCarthy," infiltrated the Joe Donnelly for U.S. Senate campaign in Indiana as a volunteer. He filmed interactions inside a campaign office with Donnelly's wife, Jill, asking her questions about masking the candidate's support for unions.  

This cycle Veritas has released videos on the Democratic candidates in the Florida and Oregon gubernatorial races (Gillum and Brown), a U.S. House race in Virginia (Spanberger), and the U.S. Senate campaigns in Tennessee (Bredesen), Missouri (McCaskill), North Dakota (Heitkamp), Arizona (Sinema), Texas (O'Rourke), and now Indiana. We expect Veritas to drop a sting in the U.S. Senate campaign of Bill Nelson in FL soon. We reported earlier this week that FL Democratic campaign offices had been infiltrated by operative Jaime Tennille Phillips in Broward County. 

You can find Jack McCarthy's profile HERE.

If you have any information on McCarthy, or any of Veritas' political hit jobs from this cycle, 

please reach out to us at


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