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New Undercover Identified: Leonardi Jose Guzman

Leonardi Jose Guzman, going by the name "Leo Rod," infiltrated the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America in late summer of this year, according to multiple sources. He may have infiltrated Rose City Antifa in Portland, OR as well. He is an artist and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.

This cycle Veritas has released videos on the Democratic candidates in the Florida and Oregon gubernatorial races (Gillum and Brown), a U.S. House race in Virginia (Spanberger), and the U.S. Senate campaigns in Tennessee (Bredesen), Missouri (McCaskill), North Dakota (Heitkamp), Arizona (Sinema), Texas (O'Rourke), and Indiana (Donnelly). 

Guzman may have been embedded in these campaigns or others.

You can find Leonardi's profile HERE.

If you have any information on Guzman, or any of Veritas' political hit jobs from this cycle, 

please reach out to us at


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