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New Operatives Identified in Twitter Sting

Last week, Gizmodo reported on Project Veritas' sting of Twitter using multiple undercover operatives and a fake tech start-up called "Tech Jobs Box." The operatives named included James O'Keefe, Dan Sandini, Allison Maass aka "Kelly Dale," and "Eric Williams," whom we later uncovered to be Trump activist Eric Spracklen.

But we now know there were other operatives involved: "Michael Evans;" "Rand Kinsley;" "Gavin Grant," whose profile claims he currently works at both Twitter and the fictitious company; "Trevor Miles," who is really Trevor Kendrick of North Carolina; Seijah Drake, a conservative blogger and unabashed Trump supporter; and two other un-named operatives. All quotations denote aliases. In the case of Seijah Drake, we do not have an alias, but photo verification of her true identity.

Accessed 3/19/2018

Gavin Grant

The most troubling finding is "Gavin Grant," whose LinkedIn profile claims that he currently works as a safety officer at Twitter and as a recruiter at Tech Jobs Box. If that part of this phony profile is true, then Twitter has a good case for breach of fiduciary duty. While the Twitter position is likely to be phony, it indicates that Project Veritas is willing to have its undercover agents pose as employees of real companies.

Accessed 3/19/2018

Trevor Kendrick

Trevor Kendrick is from Roxboro, North Carolina, and currently resides in Washington, DC. In 2016, Kendrick was embedded in the Senate campaign of Deborah Ross in North Carolina using the alias Tyler Marshall. He used the alias Thomas Gibson, posing as a progressive donor consultant for the fake company "Breakthrough Development Group" sometime the same year.

After the election, Kendrick again used the Tyler Marshall alias in the sting of J20 Inauguration protesters.

Accessed 3/19/2018

Source: Instagram

Seijah Drake

Seijah Drake is from Boston, Massachusetts, and currently lives in Washington, DC. During the 2016 presidential primary, Drake was the Massachusetts State Director of Millenials for Cruz. Sometime the same year, Seijah Drake was embedded in the Hillary Clinton campaign in New Hampshire. She also used the alias Ashley Nichols, posing as a progressive consultant for the fake company "Breakthrough Development Group."

After the election, Drake used the alias Tiana Walker while infiltrating the J20 Inauguration protest planning meetings.

Accessed 3/19/2018

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