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Using Polls, O'Keefe Targets Progressive Women

James O'Keefe, Twitter: Jan. 2019.

Rightwing political hitman James O'Keefe is planning his "investigations" for 2019, and like any good "journalist" he's polling his conservative audience for approval of his next political targets: progressive firebrand presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, and women's health provider Planned Parenthood. The last goes back to O'Keefe's roots -- he got his start infiltrating its clinics with anti-abortion activist Lila Rose more than a decade ago.

You know typically, real journalists launch undercover investigations against subjects after receiving tips or reports of wrongdoing. They don't infiltrate an ideological opponent's operations based on crowd popularity, for the sake of a fishing expedition.

O'Keefe seems to believe that he and his partisan warriors have the authority of undercover cops, albeit with none of the accountability. He has described Project Veritas as "one-third CIA, one-third James Bond and one-third Mike Wallace.” In his April 2017 deposition in Project Veritas Action Fund v Conley, O'Keefe's deputy, Joe Halderman repeatedly likened their operations to undercover cops infiltrating drug organizations with the authorization of a judge.

This rationale is obviously highly problematic. Project Veritas is not a government-sanctioned entity... But let's throw out due process and probable cause based solely on your political affiliation! All's fair in love and ratf*cking, eh?

There is one progressive firebrand for whom O'Keefe didn't need to take out a poll: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Seems as though he's already set on infiltrating her office.



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