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New Operatives & Exposé of Upcoming DSA Sting

Our newest profiles are of "Leo Rod" (true identity Leonardi Jose Guzman) and "Jennifer Williams," pictured below in meetings of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America.

Project Veritas has been hyping a new video release for next week featuring socialists allegedly working in agencies across the federal government to undermine the Trump administration. My latest exposé details the infiltration of Metro DC DSA meetings going back to at least late July by Rod, Williams, and Jaime Tennille Phillips, the very same woman who was caught attempting to sting the Washington Post last year with a fake statutory rape allegation against Roy Moore. This time around Phillips used sexual advances to extract information from a political target.

Read the story:

Project Veritas' WaPo Stinger at it Again

If you think you may have been a victim of Leo or Jennifer,

please reach out to us at

This post has been updated to reflect the true identity of "Leo Rod" as Leonardi Jose Guzman.


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