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Tipster: Gov & Sen Races Infiltrated by Washington Post Stinger

I just received a tip that the woman pictured above, "Amanda Bosch," has infiltrated both the Florida gubernatorial and U.S. Senate campaigns of Andrew Gillum and Ben Nelson respectively, in Broward County.

The tipster identified the woman as Jamie Tennille Phillips, and said that she had access to the Broward Democratic Party's website. Phillips was the Veritas operative who told the Washington Post last year in a failed sting that the Alabama candidate for U.S. Senate, Roy Moore, had statutory-raped and impregnated her when she was 15. "Amanda Bosch" does indeed appear to be Phillips.

According to reporting by The Intercept, in late September PV chief political hitman James O'Keefe promised a rightwing donor conference stings from the Arizona, Missouri, and Florida Senate races and from "a lot of the swing states." Veritas has already released videos on the Democratic candidates in the Oregon gubernatorial race (Brown) and the U.S. Senate campaigns in Tennessee (Bredesen), Missouri (McCaskill), North Dakota (Heitkamp), and the latest, just several hours ago, in Arizona (Sinema). 

I reported in mid-September that Phillips had infiltrated the Metro DC chapter of Democratic Socialists of America here, using the alias Kimmie Gibson.

If you have any information on "Amanda Bosch," Jamie Tennille Phillips, or any of Veritas' political hit jobs from this cycle, 

please reach out to us at


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